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Alice: Behind the Mirror game
Alice: Behind the Mirror
Alice is back in Wonderland?! How did that happen?

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Zuma Deluxe game
Zuma Deluxe
Thrilling Aztec-themed puzzle action!
Zuma's Revenge game
Zuma's Revenge
Leap into ball-blasting action!
Inca Ball game
Inca Ball
Puzzle quest for ancient treasures.
Sparkle game
Crowberry Woods calls you!
Royal Gems game
Royal Gems
Countless king's bounties!

Free Word game downloads

Here you can find and download for free the best word games, such as Word Whomp To Go, Word Whomp Underground, Word Web Deluxe, Word Search Deluxe, Letter Lab, and more.

Latest Word games

Boggle game
Boggle(R), the fast-paced word game!
Million Dollar Password 2009 Edition game
Million Dollar Password 2009 Edition
April 26, 2009
Join host Regis Philbin for a battle of wits and a war of words!
TextTwist 2 game
TextTwist 2
December 25, 2008
Twist again with this incredible sequel to one of the most popular word games of all time.
Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters: TV Guide Edition game
Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters: TV Guide Edition
April 8, 2008
A fun new game show from Pat Sajak and TV Guide!
Merriam Webster's Spell-Jam game
Merriam Webster's Spell-Jam
June 6, 2007
Spelling has never been this much fun!
Bookworm Adventures game
Bookworm Adventures
December 18, 2006
Vanquish villains, whomp foes and annihilate enemies in Bookworm Adventures!
Babel Deluxe game
Babel Deluxe
May 15, 2006
Use your word skills to build an inspiring tower in this lexical challenge!
Word Whacky game
Word Whacky
February 22, 2006
Boggle your brain with word building whackiness!
Academy of Magic: Word Spells game
Academy of Magic: Word Spells
January 31, 2006
Become a Grand Master in this word game of magic and knowledge!
Bonnie's Bookstore game
Bonnie's Bookstore
January 12, 2006
A fantastically whimsical new word game experience!

Popular Word games

Word Whomp To Go game
Word Whomp To Go
Word game
Use your words to whomp gophers!
Word Whomp  Underground game
Word Whomp Underground
Word game
Take back your land one word at a time!
Word Web Deluxe game
Word Web Deluxe
Word game
Sweep away these word-smart spiders!
Word Search Deluxe game
Word Search Deluxe
Word game
Word lovers: Your search is over.
Letter Lab game
Letter Lab
Word game
Spell words to outwit Dr. Al Literate.
Word Wizard Deluxe game
Word Wizard Deluxe
Word game
An endlessly entertaining word puzzler.
Word Krispies game
Word Krispies
Word game
Play with your food!
Words Kingdom game
Words Kingdom
Word game
Become the new King!
LexiCastle game
January 31, 2005
Word game
Awesomely addicting word finding fun!
Super Text Twist game
Super Text Twist
August 8, 2005
Word game
Unscramble the letters to make words!

All word games are free to download, you can try and play all word games listed for free.

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